Bad iTunes Ux and How to Submit a Podcast to iTunes

I find iTunes Ux to be horrible. My guess it is largely driven by people that think the useful web isn’t cool enough so lets break all the things that work in order to be different. Or maybe there is some other reason for the horrible Ux that I don’t understand.

iTunes doesn’t use urls which are super user friendly. And even when urls are lamely named they can be useful.

Trying to figure our using the UI of iTunes how to submit a podcast was impossible. using the iTunes help found nothing for submit podcast? Using Google to overcome Apple’s lame help found web pages on Apple telling you what to do. It read like 1990 UI navigation by text. Go here click here, then click, here then click here. How idiotic. On top of being idiotic and outdated it didn’t work the places to click didn’t exist.

With using 1997 technology (way before really but wasn’t so common long before 1997) just have

No help needed. Even if someone goes to help just give that clickable url and done. But no, in 2014 Apple still can’t do that.

Finally I found another url

Super lame and unreadable but guess what clicking it works, unlike the various useless Apple webpages on clicking here and then clicking there and then clicking the next place which doesn’t exist.

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2 thoughts on “Bad iTunes Ux and How to Submit a Podcast to iTunes

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  2. Apple has created all sorts of problems with the way they made U2’s latest album available. They even pushed delivery of it to people’s devices that did not ask for it. An unbelievably bad policy. How they can pay so much attention to physical design elements and completely ignore customers it such a way is mind boggling.

    I actually do want to get the album and can’t figure out how. Again the lousy iTunes software doesn’t have urls (which is incredibly bad design for a web application). They also break the ability to copy and paste from the page (at least for me). Again it is like people don’t understand how modern software works. Breaking copy is beyond stupid.

    Anyway I won’t paste what I would because I can’t copy it, but they say “is available in your purchased”โ€ฆ Where is that??? No url so they can’t do the blatantly obviously thing so …/purchased and I can’t just edit the page url to type that in given their pitiful failure. Nowhere is a path to this supposed purchasedโ€ฆ page shown on the interface.

    Of course any semi useful appellation wouldn’t direct you to just go this described place but make that a clickable hypertext link. Did Apple at least do this? Nope. How super lame.

    I found using pre-web UI that I have to resort to given their pitiful failures, if I go under Store from the top menu and then select “Check available downloads” I can get a popup dialogue box that just says None (with more words but again failing incredibly basic software usability of copy not working).

    Jeez they are pitiful at meeting super basic usability. Why can’t they apply some small fraction of their physical design care to at least meeting super basic software usability standards ๐Ÿ™

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