On this site I will focus on providing simple examples that help you get started on a particular topic. I will focus on Ruby on Rails, Ubuntu, PostgreSQL, Ruby and WordPress (php) related code and syntax.

The intention for this site is quick and easy sample code and syntax reminders. I frequently forget the basic syntax of some thing I donโ€™t use frequently and at times find it hard to find the simple basic information I want. Often I find examples that are more complex than I need. Those resources are certainly very useful. This site aims to just provide easy syntax or tips that can slip your mind occasionally to hopefully make coding more fun and less of programming is for folks who are thrilled when a yet again they are reminded they are missing a bracket or a semicolon.

John Hunter, Bryce National Park

John Hunter at Bryce National Park, Utah, USA. See my photos of national parks.

The site is by John Hunter a management consultant, information technology program manager that codes and manages web servers a bit. As you could guess based on the topics covered here, I primarily work with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL (was MySQL but moving to PostgreSQL now) and use Ubuntu for development (or sometimes a Mac). I use Ubuntu for my production servers. I also use WordPress a fair amount so am able to work with php some, but I try to limit it as much as possible.

I author other Curious Cat Network Blogs, including:

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